WLU Woman of the Year

Each year, at our annual (spring) Fireside event, WLU presents the Christine M. Durham Woman Lawyer of the Year Award.  The purpose of the award is to recognize an outstanding woman in our profession who exemplifies professionalism, excellence, and a dedication to furthering the opportunities for women in the law.  Please submit your nominations by February 1 each year.  Below is a list of our distinguished recipients!

Utah Woman Lawyer of the Year Award Recipients:  

1986:     Justice Christine M. Durham

1987:     Jan Graham

1988:     Magistrate Brooke Wells

1989:     Jane Marquardt

1990:     Judge Judith M. Billings

1991:     Anne Milne

1992:     Patricia Christensen

1993:     Judge Pamela T. Greenwood

1994:     Kate Lahey

1995:     Judge Leslie Lewis

1996:     Lisa-Michelle Church

1997:     Denise Dragoo

1998:     Ellen Maycock

1999:     Judge Sandra Peuler

2000:    Judge Kimberly Hornak

2001:     Judge  Carolyn B. McHugh

2002:     Patrice Arent

2003:     Louise T. Knauer

2004:     Judge Judith Atherton

2005:     Terrie MacIntosh

2006:     Jane Conard

2007:     Judge Tena Campbell

2008:     Judge Kathleen Switzer

2009:     Barbara Bearnson

2010:     Christine Soltis

2011:      Carlie Christensen

2012:      Judge Vernice Trease

2013:      Heidi E.C. Leithead

2014:      Jensie Anderson

2015:      Peggy Tomsic and Christine Decker

2016:      Joan Watt

2017:      Sharon Donovan

2018:      Charlotte L. Miller