WLU Committees

In an effort to offer more services to more members and also to have more opportunities for members to serve, the WLU Board has organized committees to focus on specific areas of need. The following is a brief description of each committee and the name and e-mail address of its chair.  All of the committees are actively seeking woman lawyers to join to make this the best year ever for woman lawyers in Utah, so join today!

EDUCATION/CLE: Provides CLE opportunities that, mirroring WLU’s mission, promote the development and advancement of women’s legal careers and justice for all Utah women by featuring, in general, female presenters and topics of special interest to women. CLE events may focus on niche areas, such as government, non-profit, business, in-house counsel, litigation, intellectual property, health, solo and small practice, and the judiciary. Chair – Ashley Gregson (

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Works with the Utah State Bar and other Bar organizations on pro-bono community outreach activities. May include organizing, sponsoring or cross-promoting events. Chair – Audrey Phillips (

MEMBERSHIP AND PUBLICITY: Develops strategy to increase WLU membership and improve retention.  Improves and updates website and responsible for other publications such as the newsletter. Chair – Alexandra Sandvik (

CAREER ADVANCEMENT: Provides members with opportunities for professional development, mentoring and networking.   Co-chairs – Kat Judd ( and Angelina Tsu (

WORK/LIFE BALANCE: Considers what can be done to support women, whether married or single, moms or not, in their lives outside work. Draws from diverse lives to create programs and other opportunities addressing the challenges of balancing work and life and achieving satisfying quality of life. Chair – Holly Nelson (

SPECIAL PROJECTS: The committee will take an expansive and empirical survey of the climate for working women in Utah to see where our state has made advancements and where/how it can make improvements.  Co-chairs – Ashley Peck ( and Mica McKinney (

RETREAT: Coordinates the speaker and plans the substance of the educational portion of the retreat, as well as carries through with the logistics of accommodations and socialization at our Fall retreat. Chair – Scarlet Smith(