Special Projects Committee Joins Latinos in Action Event

On April 27, 2017, Special Project Committee member Julie Nelson taught a workshop about the ACT to a group of Latino high school students at a Latinos in Action event at the University of Utah. Latinos in Action is an organization that serves over 100 schools in the western United States, 25 of which are in Utah.  It has a variety of year-round programs that are dedicated to helping Latino youth … [Read more...]

Recollections – Rosemary Richardson

                  Rosemary Richardson, #84 of Utah's First 100 Women Lawyers Professional Summary: Born in Albany, California, Richardson earned her J.D. from the University of Utah in 1975.  She had “36 years of experience practicing law in transactional and litigation areas – twenty-five years as in-house counsel for … [Read more...]

Recollections – Josephine E. Kellogg Beesley

Josephine E. Kellogg Beesley, #3 of Utah's First 100 Women Lawyers Born in 1873, the territorial Utah Supreme Court Bar admitted Beesley in 1892. In 1900, an announcement in the Deseret News of her marriage to Richard H. Beesley described her as “one of Provo’s best school teachers.” The date of her death is unknown. (Recollections recognizes and celebrates Utah women lawyers.  Check back … [Read more...]