Connie C. Holbrook, #74 of Utah’s First 100 Women Lawyers
 Professional Summary:
“I retired April 30, 2005, after working for almost 30 years for Questar Corporation. At the time of retirement, I was Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. I continue to maintain my Bar membership, but my legal activities are generally confined to assisting friends and family members.”

On Her Greatest Accomplishment As A Woman Lawyer:
“When I was hired by Chevron following my law school graduation in 1974 and when I was hired by Mountain Fuel Supply Company (now Questar Corporation) in 1975, I was known as the “first female” lawyer for Chevron (in Denver) and for Mountain Fuel. By the time I retired, gender was almost irrelevant when describing an attorney. I’m proud that I was part of the generation that made this transition from notoriety to “not a big deal.”

Advice To Women Lawyers During Their Careers:
“Although I do believe that gender is increasingly irrelevant, I still find that a disproportionate percentage of female attorneys have tunnel vision, which means that too many are so wrapped up in details that they fail to see bigger pictures and broader connections. I’d recommend that female attorneys acknowledge this problem and seek to expand their perspectives. Read broadly.”

On Her Favorite Story As A Lawyer:
“Early in my career, I had a preliminary meeting with counsel for several different parties. I rode up in the elevator with two attorneys representing the primary defendant. I knew who they were, but they didn’t know who I was. They openly discussed their case in the elevator and were a bit bashed when introductions were made. One of them blurted, ‘You can’t be an attorney.’ I loved this, but I also learned something about maintaining private conversations.”

Advice To Newly Admitted Women Lawyers:
“I really can’t give any better advice than I did for the earlier publication: ‘Be selective in the hills you choose to climb. Maintain a network of friends who aren’t attorneys.’”

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