YLD Law Day

The Law Day Luncheon is currently scheduled for May 1, 2019 (mark your calendars!). Things will be a bit different as great changes are made to Law Day.

In prior years, YLD recognized an attorney and a non-attorney for awards. This year, as part of the luncheon YLD will recognize more attorneys for the Young Lawyer of the Year Award and more non-lawyers for the Liberty Bell Award.

In order to recognize those amazing individuals, we need people to nominate them. If you could take a few seconds to submit your own nominations it would be greatly appreciated. If you know multiple people, please feel free to nominate all of them. Please encourage other people to nominate people as well.

Please submit your nominations by using the link (YLD Law Day Award Nominations).

In case you are not aware of the requirements for each award:

Liberty Bell Award
The Liberty Bell Award is awarded to non-lawyer community members or organizations for their contribution to a better understanding and appreciation of the American justice system. Nominees should have promoted a better understanding of the rule of law, the courts, or civic responsibility.

Young Lawyer of the Year Award
Young Lawyer of the Year Awards are presented to members of the Utah Young Lawyers Division who – by their ethical and personal conduct, commitment, and activities – have exemplified professionalism and public service; who have also encouraged and supported other members, the programs, and/or the activities of the Young Lawyers Division.